Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Video Game Music and a history lesson

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Back in the day, when we would play Video games, my mom's biggest complaint (well, second biggest complaint) was the noise it made.  Bleeps and bloops that were music to us was just sound to her.  A digitized death cry was her ears.

So Mom, I give to you...SKYRIM'S MAIN THEME performed on a violin:

So beyond the fact that this song is amazing, and it was composed for a video game, how about this guy? He plays every part of the song himself!

Anyways, it's an elegant symphony, the production value certainly has gone through the roof on video games.  I wonder if Mom would like current day video games more?

Oh and for the record, the music in those old games wasn't THAT bad.  Here's a sample of some "music" we used to have playing:

For those interested in why it says in memory of Michael Jackson on this one, let me drop some video game history on you.

Jackson actually composed alot of the music in Sonic 3 for the Sega Genesis, but the game was released on February 2nd, 1994 (Sega actually dubbed it Hedgehog Day, to help drum up excitement).  This was of course just months after he was accused of child molestation, so the Marketing wizards at Sega didn't credit him, but still used his work.  Fear not, he was paid, just uncredited.

Anyways, if THAT whole thing is interesting, there's a site with alot of good info, and even some audio samples where they overlay MJ songs over Sonic 3 Tracks, so you can hear the similarities between them.

Ok, we have successfully gone WAY off track here.  I'm just gonna end it there.